Cash For Real Estate Investors !

PMB International
Connecting the World’s Capital with American Opportunities

Say Goodbye to 2% & Say Hello to 8-12% Annual Returns !

PMB International is leaing expert to find you low-risk/
high yield investment opportunities backed by real property in first trust deed position!

Funding for Deals
We provide asset-based funding for residential and commercial opportunities!

Investment Returns
Earn 8-10% annualized returns! No minimum or maximum investment required to earn high yields!

Income Opportunity
Earn a passive and residual income in Private Money!

Visit our site today if you’re ready to stop losing and begin winning bigger and better returns !

Learn to Earn More Today! http://www.mypmbi.­com/susanmurphy

14 advantages of using private money for your real estate

  1. Fast–you can buy at a discount
  2. Monthly cash flow
  3. No credit check/doesn’t show up on your report
  4. Unlimited funds
  5. Control, you set the rules
  6. You can help friends, family
  7. You get some of your profit when you buy
  8. The ability to be flexible
  9. You can make offers with confidence
  10. You can structure quick, more profitable exit strategies
  11. It saves you money
  12. It’s cheaper than a partner
  13. You can fund the purchase of defaulted paper
  14. It is the foundation for a very profitable brokerage business

When a deal comes along you have to move fast. Many investors have watched a deal slip through their hands while they waited for the bank to approve their loan. Once you have private money available, that won’t happen to you!

You can make an offer knowing you can set a closing date. Meanwhile, your competition is wondering how you did it so quickly!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anthony
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 10:03:44

    Nice post.It’s nice to learn the benefits that we get from Private Money lenders:)


  2. Joseph
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 10:05:11

    I better check their website and see what they can offer me. Really need a Private Money bank.


  3. Ingrid
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 09:58:32

    For the “credit-challenged” borrower, private money loans are easier to qualify for. Banks require minimum credit scores, minimum debt ratios, a minimum amount of trade lines and a certain amount of credit history to approve you for a mortgage loan – private equity lenders do not. You can have credit scores below 500 and still qualify for a private money loan provided there’s sufficient equity in the property being loaned against. Likewise, you can have little or no credit history and also qualify for this type of financing. Borrowers who may be temporarily credit or cash flow impaired, or who cannot document income, employment or assets can qualify.

    Borrower’s credit is not an issue if you want to get a Private money bank services.


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